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Filing Personal Injury And Maritime Claims

After an accident, it may take some time to become aware of all the ways in which your life has changed due to the severe injury you have suffered. Feucht Law Firm, founded by Charles Stanislaus Feucht, concentrates on personal injury and maritime claims. Charles leverages his years of experience in this area to develop strategies for a successful claim. We have obtained several six-figure settlements for clients who used the money to further their recovery.


Diligence + Honesty = A Formula For Building Strong Injury Claims

Coming from a family of legal professionals, Charles understands the importance of thoroughly researching a potential claim before filing suit and representing the case with vigor once it has been filed. He has handled the following types of personal injury claims, as well as many others:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck/18-wheeler accidents
  • Premises liability cases
  • Accidents resulting in life-altering injuries such as amputations and brain injuries
  • Wrongful death claims filed by the deceased’s relatives

Our attorney will take the time to examine the circumstances of your accident closely, and we will provide you with a frank assessment of your claim.

Navigating The Choppy Waters Of Admiralty And Maritime Law

If your catastrophic injury occurred on the Gulf Coast south of Louisiana or on a river navigable for commerce within the state, any potential claim you file may be governed by admiralty or maritime law, an old and complex legal area. Maritime claims cover accidents that happen in these situations, among others:

  • Working on an offshore oil rig
  • Working on a commercial fishing craft
  • As a passenger on a pleasure cruise
  • As a crew member on a boat that collides with another watercraft

The insurance companies representing the corporations on the other side of these cases often assemble enormous legal teams to defend their client’s actions. To win your case, you need a lawyer who understands maritime law with precision and can present creative arguments to maximize your compensation.

Ask For What You Deserve: A Successful Recovery

Your accident changed your life. You deserve compensation that allows you to move forward into a brighter future. Call our office in Eunice at 337-466-4424 to arrange a complimentary initial meeting, or email us. We work with clients in Beauregard, Allen, Evangeline, Jefferson Davis, St. Landry and Acadia parishes.